Bespoke Steel Staircases from PS Engineering

PS Engineering manufacture and fit bespoke steel staircases throughout Northern Ireland. PS Engineering are a family run steel fabrication business who are based in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland.

A staircase is one of the most important features in your home. They are normally located in your hallway and are often the first thing that your guests will see as they arrive at your house. Designing your bespoke staircase is as personal as designing you house and PS Engineering can help you to design something unique and beautiful, while meeting all Building Control standards.

Bespoke Steel Staircases from PS Engineering

Bespoke Steel Staircases from PS Engineering

Also you may be moving into an existing house or might fancy a change at home. PS Engineering can replace you exisiting balustrades and handrail from something different.

Bespoke Steel Staircases from PS Engineering

Making a feature of your staircase can completely transform your home from something average to stunning. At PS Engineering our galvanised steelwork will last a lifetime. You can choose to have your steelwork protected with a powder coated finish which leaves it looking beautiful. The powder coated finish is available in a variety of colours which you can view here.

Not only can we fit a new staircase we also can repair any problems with an existing staircase.

If you would like to design a bespoke staircase for your home or are having problems with your existing one then give us a call PS Engineering in Ballymoney on 07739715754 and we can have a chat about what you need.

Electric gates – Ballymoney

PS Engineering can provide you with electric gates, or fit you existing gates with a automated system allowing them to open and close with the aid of a remote control. Your property will be secure and you will have access without even having to step outside of your vehicle.

Electric gates - Ballymoney

The benefits of electric gates from PS Engineering include,

Electric or automated gates provide security

Having electric automated gates will give you peace of mind that your home is secure. Automated gates will open when you push the remote control. They will close behind you and because of their mechanism are extremely difficult to force open. They are a deterrent to burglars, and will make anyone think twice before approaching your property.

Electric gates are convenient

Automated gates are not complicated to use. Once fitted they can be operated by a remote control from up to 20m away. You will have no need to step out of your car to manually open and close your gates, meaning you will be safe, warm and dry even on the most blustery of days. You can also get more than one remote for multiple cars and a control panel which will allow you to keep track of visitor who arrive.

Electric gates are robust

PS Engineering design gates that are beautiful and durable. The steel used for each gate will be able to endure our Northern Irish weather and can be powder coated. Our gates can also be supplied in a range of colours. PS Engineering will also be able to provide matching railings for surrounding walls etc.

Our team are professional and hard working and want to give you, the customer, exactly what you need for your property. If you are interested in having your gates designed, manufactured and fitted by PS Engineering then give us a call. We are here to help talk through what you need and then the PS Engineering team can start work on your new gates. PS Engineering work throughout Ballymoney and the whole of Northern Ireland.


Automatic Gates – Northern Ireland

Automatic Electric Gates from PS Engineering in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland provide the perfect solution to keep your home and property secure. When PS Engineering fit automatic gates it is a quick and easy process.

PS Engineering can manufacture gates as per your request, for a new property, to match existing railings or gates. We can also retrofit an automatic system to exiting gates. Here are a few pictures which show the automatic electric gate system installed at a domestic house.

Automatic Gates - Northern Ireland

The workings fit snuggly underneath the gate and leave no unsightly or dangerous cables or up stands.

PS Engineering are a steel fabrication company who design, manufacture and fit gates, railings and fire escapes. Our products are designed to look great and to stand the test of time. If you have added and entrance to your property and require new gates which match in with what is already there then just give us a call and we can see how we can help you.

Once you gate has been designed to your satisfaction it is manufacturer in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland and then it can be powder coated to give it a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish.

To find out more about Automatic Gates from PS Engineering in Northern Ireland give u s a call on 07739715754.



PS Engineering – Ballymoney

PS Engineering Ballymoney have over 14 years’ experience in quality metalwork. At PS Engineering we use the latest technologies, our professional team take pride in delivering an outstanding product to our customers.

PS Engineering - Ballymoney

PS Engineering specialise in the manufacture and installation of Railings, Handrails, Staircases and Electronic Gates. We know that everyone has individual needs and that is why we listen to our clients needs and design to their specification. Our design service will mean that whatever you get will fit perfectly and be unique to you.

If you don’t need a unique design them talk to our team and they will show you our existing designs – we have a huge selection which you can look through.

PS Engineering – Ballymoney

Here are few examples of our work to see more just browse around our website.

If you are looking for a company to provide you with Railings, Handrails, Staircases or Electronic Gates they give us at PS Engineering a call on 02820 741 780.

Metal Gates from PS Engineering – Ballymoney

PS Engineering, based in Northern Ireland, can design, produce and fit any metal gate you need. Any size, shape or colour. The gates are made in their workshop outside Ballymoney. PS Engineering pay attention to all your design requests and the little details. Like this gate below which features a beautiful fleur-de-lys design. This gate was custom made to fit the small opening at the side of a house. Spears and other decorations can be added too. If you aren’t sure what you want then get in touch with us and we can explain all your options.

Metal Gates from PS Engineering - Ballymoney

PS Engineering then can carry out all the galvanised and powder coating. Powder coat finishes are available in any lots of differetn colours. Click here to see the full RAL colour range. Our most popular colours are satin black RAL 9005 and British racing green RAL 6002.

Galvanising means that your gate is protected with a zinc coating which will to prevent rusting. The powder coating gives you a high-quality finish and is ideal for finishing your gates. It gives a much more durable finish than normal paints and it looks great.  It will weather all seasons and reduces the risk of scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading, and other wear issues.

If you are interested in having your gates designed, manufactured and fitted by PS Engineering then give us a call. We are here to help talk through what you need and then the PS Engineering team can start work on your new gates.

Electric Gates – Northern Ireland

Ps Engineering in Ballymoney, Northern Ireland specialise in Electric Gates. PS Engineering work throughout Northern Ireland to design, manufacture, fit and retrofit electric gates. Our electric gates come in many forms, and we have several options which appeal to our customers.

We can manufacture;

  • Logo_Final_PSEngLtd.pngSteel gates
  • Steel and timber design combinations
  • Single and double items
  • Sliding gates
  • Electric gates
  • Key fob/ pin code operable
  • Camera assisted intercoms
  • Cordless telephone communication

Gates from PS Engineering are made from steel and can be powder finished. This coating gives them a durable and attractive finish and allow you to choose the colour that suits you. Maybe you business has a red logo and you would like your gates to carry on this theme, or you may want something unique and different at your home and opt for a green or grey gate at the bottom of your driveway. PS Engineering offer lots of options in order to make sure that you get gates which are a tailor fit for your home or business premises.

Please get in touch with Philip here at PS Engineering to discuss Electric gates for your Northern Ireland home or business.